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July 14, 2017

Advice For New Students

Feeling excited or perhaps anxious about joining your new university? Well, you should not get overwhelmed by it because you have all the help you need in your hands. The information found in the booklets sent to you offer a helpful resource to school life.

Go to Freshers/Welcome Events

The first couple of weeks of school life will offer several freshers and welcome events to attend. Go to as many as possible to meet other new students, socialise, and get acquainted with your university. It is also the best time to join societies and clubs as well as to get to know more about your union.

Stay Open-Minded

Uni life presents a time to explore different cultures through interactions with diverse people. You will meet students from the rest of the UK as well as the world. Whether or not you are accustomed to interacting with people from different nationalities, keep an open mind and embrace people and their differences.

Keep A Level Head

Life in university brings with it some changes, and it can get stressful trying to adjust to it all. It means getting away from familiar environments back home as well as being away from friends and family. Once you settle down and get past the first couple of weeks and get used to your new life in school, things will settle down.

Ask Questions

No one expects that you will know everything and you won’t unless you ask. The freshers and welcome week events provide a perfect opportunity to ask as many questions as you please. Also, ask other students and staff questions at any given opportunity. People tend to be quite receptive to offering assistance, and they will only extend it if you ask questions.

Make Use Of Available Help

On top of asking questions, take advantage of the help that is readily available during freshers and welcome weeks. You will have access to Fresher’s reps, Welcome Crew, and Student Ambassadors to offer the assistance that you will need. They can help you get started out and involved with different clubs and societies. The Welcome Crew is dedicated to helping new students during their first few weeks in university.


Get around and know the school property and surrounding areas. Go to the shops and take walks around the nearby streets. You might just stumble across interesting places and establishments that will become integral parts of your school life.


Get some time to locate all your classes well before they commence. Do not forget to switch off your phone when attending classes.

Take Part School-Based Activities

Other than the freshers week events, there will be diverse other activities. Clubs and society activities present a fantastic opportunity to meet new people. Also, do not shy away from attending smaller events to give you a chance to enjoy great conversations for a change.

Responsible Partying

The university experience is not free from events and parties to attend. However, you will not be short of several fun freshers week events, and activities do not involve alcohol consumption.

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