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July 19, 2017

Tips To Overcome Homesickness at University

Joining university for the first time is an exhilarating feeling, but it also comes with a lot of uncertainties. How will the overall experience be like? Will you like the lectures?  What about other students, will you get along with them?


UNITE works with UK university students, thousands of numbers, annually towards preparedness efforts. A partnership with The Student Room revealed that 72% of students rank accommodation as one of the factors that affect overall success in school. The room you will hold up in during your years in university matters a lot because it helps combat homesickness.


Most students will fix up their school rooms to create that homely feel, but it never quite replaces your home, and it is natural to keep missing home. Given that it will be the first time you live away from home and you will interact with students from diverse nationalities and cultures, homesickness is inevitable.


Everyone finds that change requires adjusting time, after all, not everyone is used to living with different people from across the world. However, most students find that after acclimatising to uni life they can make life-long friends.


Remember that other students probably feel the same way and you should not feel like you are the only one suffering. Give it time and don’t expect to outrightly click with everyone or make lots of friends right away.


Take advantage of university and accommodation based social media pages to reach out to more college students. It is an active, interactive, and fun way to strike up conversations through shared interests. For instance, you can try to find students who come from your hometown or someone who likes the same band or TV shows like you.


Keep in touch with friends back home and invite them to visit regularly. Alternatively, plan trips to visit friends going to other schools in different states or visit home regularly as well. Schedule to visit during the middle of the semester or when you have enough money set aside for the trip.


If your home is too far away to visit regularly or even make that midterm trip, why not take regular weekends away? Getting away and having weekend plans to look forward to offers some form of comfort and distraction from homesickness.


Take the time to make your school room feel like it is a piece of home away from home. Take with you an excellent cosy duvet to create that homely feel. Also, bring along as many personal items as you can to remind you of home. Some of the things that you can take along with you include pictures, posters, cushions, and even potted plants. Keeping familiar objects in your uni room helps to make it a comforting place.


Keeping potted plants and flowers in your room to brighten it up. They also tend to brighten the room and keep you busy by having something to look after. However, if you are not great with taking care of live plants go for low-maintenance options like cacti.


Lastly, do not dismiss the tried-and-tested talk with someone to share how you feel. Talking to roommates, friends, and family can help ease the feelings of homesickness.

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